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  • Brake resistance manufacturer
  • Brake resistance manufacturer
Brake resistance manufacturerBrake resistance manufacturer

In the summer of 2016, Tianyi Automation Engineer, there is a problem has been very distressed, that is, when the equipment is fast, can not stop, slow, and the equipment is not competitive. Later, he searched for solutions on the network, just met the brake resistance manufacturer Liu Gong, a telephone call, it was known that brake resistance can solve this problem, and later found it. Liu Gong of Shunlian Electric Resistance Manufacturer proofed, Liu Gong understood the equipment situation, gave the solution on the same day, and took samples to Shenzhen for sample, the result was successful, immediately solved the braking problem of the equipment, and later, cooperated with Shunlian Electric Resistance Co., Ltd., brake resistance manufacturer and escort the automatic cargo equipment, Tianyi automatic equipment also shipped in Shunlian. The specialty and service speed of dynamic resistance are affirmed.

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